Weathering the Storms

Living With and Understanding Epilepsy

Seizures are a reminder about how fragile life is and that life should be cherished.

This book provides information about the various types of seizures and what it is like for the person living with them and their caregiver. It is written in layman’s terms, by a man with epilepsy who shares his knowledge and experience. Rated as medical; with a technical review by the epileptologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital.


Jon Sadler knows about epilepsy. He lives with it, and has an intimate knowledge of its effects and consequences. Through the many ups and downs, his experiences have given him a unique perspective and many life lessons, most importantly, the power of hope. There were times when he was broken and defeated by seizures, but now Jon works as a mentor and counselor, focusing on helping people with epilepsy. His unique perspective through his ordeal has given him something to share, and with that, one of the reasons for writing this book.

Jon adds, "I have learned more about what my parents and siblings experienced with my first seizure as I work with the parents of very young children with seizures. Watching an adult have a generalized tonic-clonic seizure can be terrifying for people who do not know what a seizure is, especially with someone they love. Seeing a child have a seizure is considerably more difficult and emotionally stressful. I was four years old when I had my first seizure."


Barbara Bamberger Scott

US Review

He initiates his story with an explanation of epilepsy, using scientific terms but couching them in a layman’s perspective. Accounts of his own seizures (which often involved almost total loss of short-term memory) are vivid and distressing. He includes useful information about caring for someone who has seizures, organizations to turn to, and the different types of seizures.

His book is both a memoir and a highly intelligent guide for those with seizure disorders and their caregivers who, like Sadler, “search for meaning and refuse defeat.”

The Book

Jon has lived with epilepsy for over fifty years. There were times when he was broken and defeated by seizures; then discovered the power of hope. Jon believes he can provide that hope to others dealing with seizure disorders by sharing his experience. In Weathering the Storms, he provides the perspective of the child, student, father, and caregiver. Jon had his first seizure at the age of four and was treated with medication for several years. His seizures returned while in college. At the age of forty-six, his seizures became intractable, and brain surgery his only option to regain control. There were many people who helped him with his recovery: his family, church, counselor, and those he met who faced similar situations. Soon after his surgery, Jon met a man who was distraught over his four-year-old son, who suffered from intractable seizures. As Jon shared his experience he witnessed hope being instilled in the man and his family. He is now a mentor and a counselor, focusing on helping people live with epilepsy. His greatest joy comes from his two sons, who have been there when needed, and accomplished much in their lives and careers.

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